Have you ever wished you could have a one-on-one relationship with an expert in nutrition and exercise? Imagine how much more efficient your weight-loss strategy would be if you had someone knowledgeable holding your hand every step of the way. At Boot Camp With a Cause, we offer a personal training program that focuses on exercise, nutrition, and supplementation. Even better, our program includes a comprehensive assessment, a personalized exercise plan, an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan, and a targeted supplementation regimen.


Before we take you on as a personal training client, we will schedule a one-on-one consultation. We can meet at one of our facilities, at your home, or even at a health club that you already belong to. We understand that every person has a different set of circumstances and experiences. Our goal is to fully understand what you want to accomplish. We'll talk about your needs, your past history with training, and where you would like to see your health, your weight, and your fitness level. Once we understand that information, we can create an individualized plan of action, which includes exercise, nutrition, and supplementation. 

Exercise Plan

The level, frequency, and duration of your exercise program will depend on the condition you're in. Our professionals will work with you to understand your needs. We are careful not to put too much stress on our clients' bodies. This means that your exercise program will not be as rigorous in the beginning as it is weeks or months down the road. We will help your body acclimate to your new lifestyle to avoid high stress levels. This will facilitate weight loss and make the process easier.

Nutrition Plan

At Boot Camp With a Cause, we create a nutrition plan filled with foods having low glycemic indices. Our goal is to rid your body of inflammation. During your first phase, you'll detox with fruits, vegetables, and some protein. During the second phase, you'll introduce some additional foods to help your body burn fat. We will be right there with you every step of the way to tell you what to eat and when to eat it for maximum results.


Most people, particularly those over the age of 40, need targeted supplementation. Supplements help the body overcome the effects of stress by getting your hormones and nutrients into optimal balance. This solves the problem of resistance to weight loss. If you've tried before to lose weight and you haven't been successful, your adrenal system might be to blame. Balancing the systems of the body with the correct supplements allows for a smoother weight-loss process. Your personal trainer understands the science behind the supplements we carry, and he or she will recommend the right ones for you.
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