You don’t need to ask Bryan Daskam if his program is successful; you simply need to look at the photos scrolling the website or posted on Facebook of his satisfied before-and-after clients to see that his exercise, nutrition and supplement program, combined with tips provided in his Facebook group, works.

Bryan, CEO and founder of Boot Camp with a Cause and Weightloss Rehab 911, along with wife, Denise Durette, are changing the way Tampa Bay and the rest of the nation works out. His programs provide a total solution to losing weight permanently.

With a degree in Sports Management/Exercise Science, this acclaimed Mr. Pennsylvania Bodybuilding Champion-turned-entrepreneur, has been consulting, training and transforming men’s and women’s bodies for 29 years.

Denise makes the perfect partner. She takes multitasking to new level. This actor, dancer, choreographer, figure competitor and fitness instructor, whose lengthy experience in film and television help her build their clients’ self-esteem during their weight loss journey, is propelling clients to reach their greatest success. 

Long before Boot Camp with a Cause was even a thought in his mind, Bryan had wanted to shed the emotional scars from years of being bullied in high school and transform himself into a successful professional athlete. His discovery of nutrition and weight training completely changed his life and set in motion the birth of Boot Camp with a Cause and many other fitness-related businesses.

Bryan saw that the principles that worked to turn him into an award-winning body builder also applied to people trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

The Daskams have been focusing more of their attention on a nationwide epidemic known as weight-loss resistance. It has completely changed the landscape where most fitness experts operate. While good nutrition and exercise used to be the simple solutions to weight-loss issues, this is no longer the case. Because of the toxicity of the environment and the amount of stress most people are faced with, most trainers and doctors are not equipped to handle this problem but the Daskams are.

The Daskams deal with frustrated clients daily who don’t know where to turn. These clients have tried everything and consulted with professionals who cannot offer a solution, but they find success with the Daskams.

Today, Bryan and Denise work with countless clients on nutrition, weight loss and training while also operating a successful fitness program that double as as a way to donate to charitable causes. Their passion is to inspire the Tampa community to live a healthier, happier, philanthropic lifestyle.

Bryan Daskam
Denise Daskam
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