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Brian  does a nice job of mixing things up. Just what I needed

DAVID carstenson

I have been attending Boot Camp With a Cause for just under 2 months. I was 355lbs. I am down to 342lbs. I know pounds are not the thing to focus on, but when you are my size it is. Until the other day I went clothes shopping and found that I am DOWN 2 SIZES!!! So the scale might not show that much of a change, but clothes sure do. I never did measurements, I should have. I think I will now to see my changes in that way. I wanted to share this because so many people think they cannot do it. If I can, anyone can. Getting out of shape did not happen overnight, getting back in shape won't happen overnight either. One day at a time!

I wanted to Thank Brian and Darryl and EVERYONE, because everyone in every class I have been to is so very supportive. The hardest part is getting up out of bed and getting there everyday. From there, you are good to go!  

Patricia Zimmerman
St. Petersburg

I started attending Boot Camp with Darrell at the Largo Rec around the middle of June.  I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but knew that I needed some help with working out and eating properly.  A friend asked me to go with her and knowing I needed to get in better shape, I decided why not.  After the first class, my body could certainly tell it got a good workout.  And, with encouragement from Darrell, I have kept on going to class and receiving diverse training each workout.  It has been about six weeks now and boy do I feel great.  Those of us in the class really enjoy working out together and having Darrell as our instructor has been a key part of it.  I can tell that I am getting stronger and more toned.  I still have more work to do and plan on continuing with the program.  

I am writing this though, because today I got an unexpected surprise.  I work for the school board and have been off since starting my workouts with Boot Camp.  Today I needed to go in to the school for a while.  I put on some clothes that I hadn't worn since the beginning of June and was shocked to find out how loose they were on me.  In fact, I had to change my pants because the ones I originally was going to wear just looked too baggy on me.  What a feeling of accomplishment I have especially after having my clothes be a little too big for me.  I would recommend this program for anyone looking for a good workout program that employs a knowledgable staff as well as great advice on eating well.


I have been coming to boot camp with Brian for just over a year. When I started I had just began to really work hard with exercise and eating right. I've always been very active, but in the last 4 years had not paid attention to the food in which I was eating and had been slacking off when it came to exercise. I started on my own for a couple of months exercising 3 times a week and following the Paleo way of eating. At that point I knew I needed to step up. I started taking boot camp classes and was impressed with how comfortable everyone made me feel from the very beginning. Brian is such a great instructor! He spoke with me and wanted to know my goals and journey. He is great at pushing you right when you need it most yet being supportive and encouraging. Even after a year, he continues to make sure to check in weekly and see what he can do to help! I've lost 50 pounds since I joined boot camp with Brian and have never been so toned in my life. Being a part of this boot camp has made me realize how strong I can be and that I can keep staying in shape with the help of Brian and all the amazing people that I've met in class!!


BootCamp with a Cause is the best workout I have done. I have been doing Boot Camp workouts for 13 years and my body definition was at a standstill. I felt good but needed to kick it up! Bryan has helped me lower my body fat from 24% down to 18% in 8 weeks!!!!  Following his meal plan and nutrition guidance is a big part of my results! Another contributor to my results is watching my heart rate during our workouts,( which Bryan also encouraged). I know how hard I am working during our training and I know if I need to step it up! I let everyone I know what I am doing and encourage them to join!!!



If you are thinking about starting Boot Camp with a Cause - stop thinking and just do it!  I feel so much stronger, healthier, and happier since starting boot camp.  You will get results here as long as you are dedicated... and the trainers make it so easy to stay dedicated.  I leave every morning dripping with sweat and it feels amazing.  My one regret is that I waited so long to start.

A big part of my motivation for finally joining Boot Camp with a Cause was my wedding.  I wanted to be able to happily look back at my wedding photos.  So, I started classes 4 months before my wedding (5 days a week faithfully).  I have photos of myself trying on wedding dresses before boot camp.  I thought I looked pretty good!  But, now the photos I have in my actual dress on the day of the wedding show me a totally different story.  The dress I ended up wearing was 3 sizes smaller than the dresses I originally tried on.  As a result I love my wedding photos and I felt like a beautiful bride.  I am in the best shape of my life because of Boot Camp with a Cause and I have no intention of slowing down!

All it takes is one hour a day and clean eating.  Don't give up if you don't see results right away.  It takes a few weeks for your body to adjust.  But, you will see and more importantly FEEL results before you know it.  Thank you so much Bryan!!


St. Pete, FL

I have always tried to exercise and eat healthy.  However, my weight has gone up and down over the past ten years.  Feeling good about myself has been like a rollercoaster ride! I began Bryan and Denise's Boot Camp using the Groupon that was offered.  I had no idea what I was about to get myself into.  The first workout was a true eye-opener that I wasn't as strong and fit as I thought. I continued the workouts throughout the Groupon period and began to feel better and better.  I thought I learned how to work out myself and so when the Groupon expired, I thought I could work out on my own.  Boy was I wrong!  I realized that the key to challenging myself was in accountability to my trainers and fellow boot campers!  I also missed the reinforcement of the benefits of eating the right foods at the right times.  So, I returned to boot camp after a few short weeks and have been working out faithfully for the past four months.  I am stronger, ten pounds lighter, and showing actual muscle tone.  I highly recommend Boot Camp with a Cause because of the support and caring that Bryan and Denise extend to their clients.

Karen K.

I am beyound happy that I found this boot camp class. I have been working out for years and I hit a wall and needed a change. I just wasn't getting the results I've been wanting doing it by myself. Within weeks of attending Denise's class I was noticing changes in my body from head to toe. Now 3 months later my body is in the best shape it has ever been. IN JUST 3 MONTHS! By listening to Denise I have learned so much about food and what and how much I should be eating. I love that she works one on one with me and is helping me get the body I have always wanted. The passion she has for wanting to help people look and feel great is just awesome. 

I highly recommand everyone to try out BootCamp with a Cause. If you want to look and feel better about yourself and have people who care and know what they are doing to teach you then you need to get into this class! Pure awesome!


Denise and Bryan mix it up every day. Conscious of safety and individual thresholds--they allow you to adjust, but have no doubt, they drive and motivate you to be better during your workout and eating habits during the day. The group is also a great mix of hard working, fun loving people who hold each other playfully accountable.


After having a baby, working out at home wasn't giving me the drive or jump start I needed to lose the baby weight (not fitting into my clothes helped a little). I found Bryan online and encouraged others to go with me. I was in good shape before my baby, but I can now say I'm in GREAT shape! I lost over 20lbs in six months and still going. (And now my clothes are too big). I workout at my own pace but am still being pushed and motivated by Bryan to give it my all. He knows how to keep you going without yelling or screaming at you. We work every muscle in the body at least a couple times a week. My weakness in cardio (I hate running!) because I have a mild asthma issue; yet I like that it's incorporated in every workout. I just do my best and keep myself paced and control my breathing. (You can't lose weight without cardio!) There is not one class where I'm not drenched in sweat-I love it! I'm pretty healthy as it is, but Bryan will give us tips on nutrition that are helpful. As much as I don't like rolling out bed so early it's worth! I get in a great workout, a sense of accomplishment and don't have to worry about working out later and can enjoy the evenings with my family. Don't think about, just do it

Seminole, FL

I attended a different boot camp class for several years but my body had adapted to doing the same exercises over and over and I no longer felt challenged.  I knew a couple of folks who were attending Bryan's class and gave it rave reviews so I decided to give it a try. I was an immediate convert. My overall fitness level has increased tremendously since becoming part of this excellent class. Bryan clearly puts a great deal of thought and science into every session. He constantly varies the exercises resulting in ever-increasing strength and aerobic capacity. Bryan is very encouraging and will work around any injury or weakness. I feel very fortunate to have been part of this great class for almost one year.      Linda  (Seminole, FL)

Seminole, FL

I'm a retiree who moved from Michigan to Tampa about a year and a half ago. I feel very blessed to have become a part of the Boot Camp with a Cause "family" and have been working out with Denise since October 2012. I categorize this organization as a family because the members really care about each other and support each other both in class and beyond. Denise, Bryan and the rest of the crew obviously have deep commitment to the success of their clients as well as dedication and commitment to the community. Okay, back to my story! After a couple of months, I lost 13 pounds and although I still have some additional pounds I'd like to shed, I have certainly toned up and I'd say my "buns" look great in my jeans. Workouts are tough but worth it. Denise always encourages us to go at our own pace and applauds our successes.

Deb M

I have been going to boot camp for a couple of years and I absolutely love it.  After boot camp I feel so energized and motivated to begin my day.  

Circumstances made me stop for a while and wow was that an awakening!  I simply did not feel good - physically and mentally, I was tired throughout the day - I missed my workouts!  

There is no intimidation during workouts and you can go at your own pace.  If you have a weakness or prior injury Bryan is there to help with proper form and alternative moves.  I started with a knee injury and boot camp has helped me heal and I am stronger than I ever expected.  

I look forward to the next day's workout.  With great facilities, flexible times, and super can't go wrong!  

Thank you!


Treasure Island

Denise and Bryan are great! I’ve been attending camp in Westchase for nearly a year. The camp provides you the ability to learn how to workout at your own pace, learn what works best for your body and puts the control in your hands. I can attend camp to maintain my health and athletic abilities or go a step further by adding nutrition work with Bryan to lose weight. I’ve achieved fitness goals with many more milestones to come J thanks guys!


I started Boot Camp with a Cause at the Safety Harbor location in the Marina in early June, 2013.  It has been a little over a month and I'm hooked!  I'm a 54 year old full-time worker with little time for exercise until I came across Boot Camp with a Cause. Not only is Kelley a great instructor, she takes special care to be sure that you have alternative exercises to do if you have back, neck, or knee issues.  The one on one care and concern are very refreshing in an exercise atmosphere!  Aside from a terrific workout, a huge bonus is that our group sees the sun come up on Tampa Bay!  Not only do we get exercise for our body, we also get food for our soul.  Come join us and you'll be hooked, too!!

Safety Harbor

In my family, I'm the youngest of four, but I've always been known as the "big sister" - but because of size.  After a trip to the cardiologist, I was put on blood pressure medicine.  My BMI put me in the "extremely obese" range, and I told that I was at risk for stroke.  WAKE UP CALL!  Made a decision that I needed to turn over a new leaf this year!  I'm turning 49 at the end of the year, and I want to get off of my blood pressure medicine and start living a healthier life.  "Fit and fabulous at 49" became my mantra.

Small changes have led to bigger changes.  Since February, I've lost 25 pounds and 9 1/2 inches.  My clothes are fitting better, my overall health has improved, and people are noticing!  I now face my work day with more energy and a positive attitude thanks to Bryan.  I think about the food I eat and make better food choices.  I still do enjoy my weekends, but get right back to it on Monday morning.

I attend the 5:30 a.m. class in St. Pete.  Retraining myself to get up at 4:45 a.m. to make it has (admittedly) been a challenge.  Our class has all ages and sizes, male and female.  Some are "true" athletes, while others like me, are just trying to be more healthy.  I can't always do every exercise, but have learned how to modify it so I can receive the maximum benefit for my ability.  I'm the slowest at sprinting.  And, you know what??  It's O.K.!  

I can only look forward to the next 6 months of this transformational journey!  For the first time in my life, it's about "me"!

Erin Dunn
St. Petersburg

I have been working out with Denise & Bryan (and Darrell and Kelly and David...hope I didn't leave anyone out) since October 2012.  I can't say enough great things about this Bootcamp...awsome workouts, extremely fun, great motivation, fabulous instructors.  They encourage you to do your best, but go at your own pace.  I am amazed at the physical milestones I have been able to accomplish, and look forward to many many more.  Love you guys!! <3


This is the most life changing and amazing fitness choice I have ever made. I have worked out most of my adult life with my workouts becoming more and more ineffective. It is so easy to get trapped in our usual fitness routine. Running at a slow pace, lifting a few light weights. Still as time progressed I started putting on weight and feeling dissatisfied. Boot camp with a cause changed all that. The trainers really understand the science behind what they do. This is so important! Anyone can talk the talk. I have worked with other trainers and never, ever recieved these results. The workouts are very challeging but extremely effective. I feel so strong and really fit! Thanks Bryan!

Jane Cartwright

Denise and Bryan have been training me for several months,  I was extremely over weight and my body fat percentage was in the obese range. I was very intimidated when I started but they have both worked with me and adjusted my workouts to fit my capabilities. I have dropped 12% bodyfat in 4 months and I look totally different now. Bryan and Denise's knowledge and skills out shine any other class I have taken in the past they have changed my life to something I didn't think was ever possible.


As a full time working mom of 2 very active little boys, time for me is limited. I have always enjoyed working out and belonged to some type of gym but didn't always have the time or the energy at the end of my day to work out. That is until I found Bootcamp with a Cause. I LOVE the always changing classes that challenge and  push me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. I go to the 5:30 am class and end it each time with sense of accomplishment and pride. I am stronger than I have ever been and my clothes are starting to fit me differently. Denise is amazingly supportive and keeps classes fun. There are men and women of all ages and levels of fitness so I was never intimidated.  I will be going to Bootcamp for a very long time! 



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