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Boot Camp Workouts Get Results FAST!

Let's face it, it's hard enough to find time in your schedule to workout. If you're going to put that time in, don't you want to get the MOST BURN for your BUCK?


Our Boot Camp program challenges every muscle in your body and with little rest in between each set; you're bound to feel the burn and intensity. You're constantly moving for an hour, your body has no time to rest, therefore  burning hundreds of calories, not only during the workout, but after as well!


We design our Boot Camp programs to meet your fitness level and go at your own pace, and in group settings. Working together with a team of people with similar fitness goals offers further motivation and fun challenges one may not individually face when working individually with a personal trainer. Classic steady-state aerobic exercise training has been proven ineffective, so instead of maintaining your heart rate in a “target zone” which is different for everyone, we coach you with the latest in fitness research. You can expect intense workouts involving weights, running, jumping, calisthenics, core shifting, and other dynamic exercises designed to maintain your heart rate within the fat burning zone of beats per minute, while showing you how exercise can be entertainment, not just 30-60 minutes of running on a treadmill, stationary bicycle, or other equipment. With short-but-intense cardio intervals, full-body strength moves, and an extra dose of ab work, you'll slim down your entire body and tighten your tummy! Get fast results in a supportive and motivational environment!


With a balance of good nutrition and mindset, our Boot Camp program will get you in the shape and health you have always strived for! With Boot Camp locations in Westchase, Pinellas Park, and Safety Harbor, you're sure to find a class close to you! 




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Boot Camp Benefits:

  • Blast Calories and Fat! Open or Close

    In our Boot Camp, you're moving constantly, at a rapid motion, which burns major calories! On the average, you'll burn up to 800 calories during one hour long session. By doing high intensity intervals of strength training, mixed with bursts of cardio, boot camp gives you a total body workout and torches fat.o 

  • True Cardio Open or Close

    In an hour, you're getting your cardio fix as well as toning your muscles with strength training. That's a plus for those who dread doing cardio because even though the cardio session in boot camp might be shorter than what you're used to doing on your own, the intensity is at a higher level.

    Mixing it up between cardio and strength training is essential for weight loss because you need the fat burning cardio paired with the muscle building training to get the results you want.

  • Build Confidence Open or Close

    Getting through a challenging workout builds confidence and self esteem. Look into yourself and realize that you just did something so good for your body and mind.

  • That Extra "Push" Open or Close

    The Boot Camp program pushes you past your mental or physical block. There is no slacking, no matter what your fitness level may be and you are forced to push yourself through your barriers, with the help of your instructor.

  • Group Support Open or Close

    Boot Camp class turns into a team mentality and you don't want to be that one person who brings everyone down. You are forced to unite with your fellow bootcampers and conquer the sixty minutes of pure physical intensity!


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